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Are your little ones able to paddle 5-7 meters without any help?

If yes, then Otter Swim invites little ones to join our seal classes in Singapore.Our Swimming lessons offer a multi-tiered swim program for your child optimal progression which includes:-

  • Basic Free style
  • Buoyancy
  • Independent Swimming

What Comprises in Seal?

    • Confident independent swimmers
    • Small group class of 4
    • Strong kicking and paddling skills
    • Can comfortably submerge and blow bubbles
    • Can propel themselves through the water without assistance

What happens in Seal Class?

  • Teach swimming in an exciting way along with funny and good games
  • Inculcate freestyle skills through big arms technique.
  • Teach how to swim independently through floating, paddling and kicking.
  • One to one instructor on your child to teach self –propulsion through the water
  • Finally after successful completion of lessons your child learn 7 metres independent and comfortable swimming style.

Milestone Achieved

  • I am a confident independent swimmer.
  • I can keep my eyes down in water while swimming for 5 seconds.
  • I can strong kick while propelling through water
  • Producing freestyle arms through water
  • Can swim basic freestyle for 7 metres independently
  • I can float my back for a minimum of 5 seconds
  • Comfortably kick on my back with a kickboard

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