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Baby Otter

Mothers are rediscovering the joys of introducing their 3 to 36 months old babies back to water. OtterSwim is certainly the best place for babies to start learning how to swim! This water acclimation class for infants and toddlers introduces them to the water for the first time, reducing their fear and the potential of tears. We'll introduce an assisted back float and submersion in this level. You should expect a lot of songs and splashing while your child freely and independently explores the water environment in our parent and baby swim classes

Cosy Comfort, Secure, safe

As a loving parent you will naturally have concerns about the security and safety of your baby during swimming classes. Our instructors handling lessons for babies are very attentive and alert. We don't just select our instructors based on their skills and professional experience. We also look for character and a caring, fun personality, so that learning is not just safe, but fun, for your child.

You, of course, will stay by the side of your little one as they are handled gently by our instructor. You will be amazed at just how quickly your infant starts splashing about in the water.

You will love it too

Using a combination of singing, games and confidence-building activities, babies start their lifelong swimming journey. The focus is on water confidence, fun and developing early muscle memory for 'formal' swimming lessons when they are older. What's more, because you're in the pool with them, it's a great bonding experience. Make memories with your little ones and cherish these moments for life!


About Level

Start your baby's lifelong adventure through water from 3 months at OtterSwim. Our Level 1 early education class gives your baby a swimming kickstart and is designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to develop your baby's physical, social and emotional development in the water. You can expect your baby to be confident and happy submerging and holding their breath on command.


  • Aged 3-9 months
  • Introduction to water safety concepts
  • Focus on positive interaction between parent & child
  • Group class of 4 to 6 with no prior skills required


About Level

Learn to love the water at OtterSwim! Our Level 2 water conditioning classes would help build your baby's confidence to further develop motor skills.


  • Swimming babies with independent mobility
  • Bonding with parent in the water
  • Babies who may have a small amount of water and swimming experience to swimming babies who are quite comfortable and agile in the water
  • Group class of 4 to 6 with no prior skills required


About Level

Our Level 3 classes develop your child's confidence and mobility in the water and build on the basics of swimming and safety through activities and games.


  • Swimming babies and toddlers with independent mobility
  • Bonding with Mum or Dad in the water each lesson
  • Comfortable with water on their face and body
  • Strong mobility skills
  • Strong breath control skills
  • Can comfortably submerge
  • Group class of 4 to 6 with no prior skills required

Important Message for Parents

Babies can read your body language and are sensitive to any subtle changes. Be calm, relaxed and always display enthusiasm by putting on your best smile! Your little one will not take long to mirror your gestures in the water.

Do not expect your baby to submerge or swim very soon after they are introduced to the water. Every child is different, with varying capabilities. Time and frequency of practice is of essence. So, avoid being over ambitious and allow your babies to gradually develop and improve at his or her own pace. Focus on the long-term goal and refrain from putting pressure on short term achievements.

If your child accidentally ingested water during the lesson. Cough together and give them a gentle pat on their back. Praise them for trying and keep encouraging your kid! By doing this, children will not only learn but love swimming.

If your child cries during the lesson, it doesn't mean that your child is not ready for swimming lessons. Common triggers for this reaction are separation anxiety, fear of new people, and fear of new experiences. These attitudes are all a very normal part of child development. Give your child some time and let him develop his confidence. Don't get discouraged or put off taking lessons. We are certain that your child will eventually get past their fears or anxiety and will enjoy swim lessons. We love seeing fearful swimmers gain confidence in the water!


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