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Why learning to swim will benefit your child

Swimming lessons equip your kids with the skills to be water safe, enjoy being in and around water and fast-track physical and mental development. OtterSwim's positive learning environment leads to increased confidence for children. Here are some other significant advantages of learning to swim:

  • Keeping up with Physical Activities
    Kids still have plenty of energy to burn, so continuing to swim means they have a good positive outlet for that energy.
  • Maintaining Swimming Skills
    Younger children especially tend to experience a lapse in swimming skill when they're out of lessons for a long period. Hence, it's important to keep children swimming to ensure they keep progressing with their skills and techniques.
  • Improves Sensory & Cognitive Functioning
    When swimming, your baby moves its arms while kicking its legs. As they're doing these actions in water, their brains are registering the tactile sensation of water plus its resistance, improving overall motor skills. Swimming is also a unique social experience, which furthers brain-boosting power.
  • Reduced Screen Time
    Screen time is certainly a hot topic in parenting today and we all have our own family thresholds. Excessive screen time relates to a reduction in active play, which is essential for your child's learning and development. You may be assured that the time spent in swimming lessons, as well as getting changed before and after swimming, is time your child won't be in front of a screen.
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